Treatment with sound and with electromagnetic waves

At Den Hoek we treat with two new treatment methods:

  • Sound therapy and
  • Harmonics balancer (electromagnetic waves).

Why water, light and sound?

Water, light and sound have a prominent role in the treatment of patients in our practice. A body consists of 99% water. It is generally known that a body consists of 70% water, but that is absolute weight. Water is lighter than, for example, a lot of biomolecules, minerals, etc. Molecularly, the body is 99% water. Just for comparison: a cucumber is 97% water, so we as humans have more water in our body than a cucumber.

Water, light and sound contain a certain amount of information, in addition, water can also conduct light and sound. What we ultimately want to achieve is to address the self-healing capacity of the body, the body is a self-organizing system. If this is addressed, then there is actual cure instead of symptom relief. We call this information medicine.

Not matter, but quantum information is the building block of everything

Erik Verlinde

Erik Verlinde is a quantum physicist and has won several awards, including the Spinoza prize in 2011. Quantum mechanics provides descriptions of the smallest particles in our universe, the atomic level. Everything is made up of quantum information and water is the carrier of this. We measure this quantum information with the Lecher antenna.

Quantum information in turn builds up matter, mainstream medicine is really only concerned with matter. If we compare this with, for example, the water, it is only 1% of the whole body. Information medicine therefore does not so much work on the physical part of the body, but tries to correct the information system again.

A body is able to heal itself again, so we as veterinarians and doctors in fact do not heal anyone.


There are a number of types of waves:

  • Electromagnetic waves
  • Mechanical waves (e.g. sound waves, water waves)
  • Scalar waves
  • Gravitational waves

And probably a lot more!

Electromagnetic waves

Electromagnetic waves consist of an electric and a magnetic wave. The electric magnetic spectrum goes from the bottom to the top, from very long waves (thousands of kilometers) to very short waves. This goes through various stages including Radio waves, microwave, tera hertz, infrared, visible light, UV, Xrays, gamma rays.

The wavelength is halved per stages. Another phenomenon is immediately observed here; everything is made up of harmonic tones. A harmonic tone is actually always a doubling of the tone. There are fundamental tones (the basic tones) and overtones.

This means that if something changes somewhere in the magnetic spectrum, it will immediately affect the rest, this will mainly work upwards. In sound, nature always has one fundamental tone with eight overtones. If one overtone disappears, there is immediately a completely different spectrum. In the electromagnetic waves there are sometimes 50 to 60 overtones.

What we often do not realize is that we see the electromagnetic spectrum, the light, but it is a fraction of what actually is there.

The visible light is only 1 octave out of 72 octaves. That’s basically what most people base their truth on, something we see we believe and what we don’t see we don’t believe. While animals, for example, see something completely different from us. Bees mainly see in the UV, which is why they can hardly survive in a greenhouse. It is dark in a greenhouse for a bee, they lose their way. Moles see infrared and can therefore live underground. The entire electrical magnetic spectrum must therefore be taken into account and not only the part that is visible to us.

So life is actually made up of electromagnetic fields, but then the entire magnetic spectrum.

Electromagnetic waves carry information according to Erik Verlinden’s theory. There are load-bearing and carried waves. So other frequencies can be set up on certain frequencies. We do this on the radio, for example. Radio is on 1 wavelength, but sound is still audible because several other wavelengths are put on it. Another good example is fiberglass. Fiber is light somewhere in the visible spectrum and frequencies are set up there, billions of bits and information are on it.

This is how we actually see a meridian line in the body. A meridian flow can be compared to the fiber optic information that travels on light via the water in the interstitium. The interstitium is the extracellular space, the space outside the cells of a tissue. This plays a role in the water balance (exchange of supply and waste materials) of a multicellular organism.

Sound waves

Sound waves are longitudinal waves. A longitudinal wave is a wave in which the wave movement takes place along the direction in which the energy travels. Sound propagates in air and other gases and liquids as a longitudinal wave. In solids, sound propagates both longitudinally and transversely. A pressure wave, which has the advantage that it can penetrate very deeply into tissue and especially water.


Water is very special, because it can conduct and absorb light and sound. This also allows whales to communicate with each other from miles away.

There is the audible sound, but we as humans do not even hear a lot of sounds, such as ultra- and infrasound. This is most likely also an explanation that elephants, for example, have long since left a tsunami. The tsunamis probably produce very low sound waves, an infrasound that we do not hear, but an elephant knows that there is a danger.

Ultrasound is a well-known phenomenon, it is used in ultrasounds, for example, but bats, for example, also use this. They send a sound signal, this bounces off an object and then they know exactly whether to fly around it or whether it is a possible prey.

So there are, as far as is known, two ways we can use to change information in a body: with light and with sound. As mentioned, 99% of the molecules in the body are water. Water is busy all the time, in constant motion. The 1% that remains in our body are biomolecules. This 1% cannot do anything without the correct structure of the water.

Even DNA is fully maintained by the water structures. Water determines all biological processes in the body. Life in cells can only be understood by the fact that water makes so-called coherent structures. In other words: the structure of the water determines the vitality of the body.

Conclusion: we are just very intelligent water!

Life is created by water and light

Light is a source of information based on electromagnetic waves.
Water has a crystalline structure and is a natural electromagnetic absorber and carrier.

When water absorbs energy, it not only carries it, it also interacts with the energy and can reorganize itself. Then so-called coherent domains arise (cohesion in physics).

This whole model comes from an Italian quantum physicist, Preparata del Giudice.
Water has a certain structure and vibrates in a certain way, not chaotically. The moment it vibrates in a certain way, it also has a certain frequency. Water can hold billions of this kind of information, all in different coherent domains.
With normal water there is a non-coherent structure, this is often very low in energy. While the coherent domains produce a lot of energy by themselves.

Water absorbs electromagnetic energy, water acts as a broadband absorber, absorbing visible light the least.
The atmosphere consists of vapor and absorbs 70% of the sun’s radiation. There is nothing “woolly” about that, it is just science. If there had been no water around the earth in the atmosphere, we would all die acutely. Our energy field is comparable to that of the atmosphere.


In the past 30 years we have found more than 5000 frequencies that can be measured with the lecher antenna. Every organ, every cell, every hormone, etc. has its own specific frequency.
There is nothing woolly about that either, back to Eric Verlinden’s quote: “we are quantum information.”
If a certain frequency, for example that of the liver, becomes disharmonious, a liver problem will eventually arise. By disharmonious we mean out of balance, the overtones (the harmonic tones) are no longer present. This can be caused by viruses, bacteria, nutrition, stress, environmental factors, radiation, toxins, hereditary factors (DNA also vibrates in a certain way) and so on. If this is not addressed in a timely manner, physical complaints will actually arise and it can also unbalance the rest of the body.

An example from the five element doctrine:

If anxiety / stress lasts long enough, there is a chance that the kidney energy will deteriorate. First it is going to become dysfunctional on an energetic level and if that lasts long enough it is more and more drawn into the matter (into the physical) and real physical kidney problems arise or what is related to it in acupuncture: the pelvis, the knees. etc.

Often, at the end of the process, the knees are treated, which may also be sensible, but if there is to be actual long-term healing then we have to go back to the core of the problem where it all started. . In this case with the fear. Sometimes it is no longer enough to just work with the vibration of fear, it may be that there is so much broken in the physical structure that it cannot be repaired. In most cases it is then still preventable than it gets worse and it is worthwhile to try to recover a long way.

So in the example of the knees; there are cartilage problems in the knee caused by imbalance in the kidneys, but this does not automatically mean that if the kidney energy and fear is addressed, the knee can also recover 100%.

Treatment with sound and electromagnetic waves

We have succeeded in converting all frequencies into sound waves and electromagnetic waves, with the help of biologists and ICT specialists. We use both for treating humans and animals.

The sound and electromagnetic waves cause the water around and in an organ to vibrate in such a way that it returns to its original harmonic balance. This allows the organ to function normally again and healing begins.

Our sound program contains a number of unique things, one of which is that the overtones are built in. Treating it purely with computers and sound is not desirable because the computer cannot produce beautiful waves and certainly no overtones. And the overtones are necessary! This sound program does produce 8 harmonic tones. One tone is not enough because there is a ying tone and a yang tone, this program searches them together and plays them at the same time.

Furthermore, it has been shown that frequencies are never actually the same, in the winter, for example, your kidney has a different vibration level than in the summer. That quantum information (and therefore nothing in the body) is a constant, while we (the human being) try to make it.

We have found that the constant varies with the so-called “analemma’, this is the position of the sun in relation to the earth.

All data from NASA about the position of the sun is built into this unique program, the computer program adjusts itself automatically, so the sound frequencies are almost never the same.

The program that was written today can also be used tomorrow, next week or next month because it adapts.

So it makes no sense to record the program and play it at home.

The more the program can adapt to the body, the more natural it is, the more the body will accept it. If it is an unnatural sound, the body will actually resist.

Besides the adaptability to the specific day of play, the high quality of the speakers, the amplifiers and even the wiring are of great importance. Everything to get the purest possible tone. The purer the tone, the better it works.

Each patient receives his own composed, unique, program that includes the chakras, the meridian systems and the physical systems. In addition, there are also a number of fixed programs for certain conditions.

The body needs time to get into a new balance, which is why there is a certain period between the treatments. In practice, we notice that once every 2 to 3 weeks is sufficient.

The therapist decides how much time it takes for that patient, which is not a fixed protocol. In some serious cases, for example, a certain period of time once a week is necessary.

It is also impossible to determine in advance how often a treatment must be repeated, every body is different and reacts differently. Most patients are well on their way with 3 to 4 treatments.

In the meantime, programs can be adjusted if desired.

Treat with electromagnetic waves

Furthermore, a new method has also been developed to also be able to treat with electromagnetic waves, this is done by means of a device: the Harmonic Balance.

This is a system in which it has been possible to transfer electromagnetic frequencies as carried waves onto a carrier wave of a Tesla coil.

A Tesla coil generates a large electromagnetic field, comparable to a WIFI station, but not harmful. The necessary frequencies of the body are placed in that electromagnetic field via the Harmonics line and the quantum information of medicines, herbs, etc.

As a receiving station, blankets have been specially developed for our practice that are provided with a specific grid structure by means of gold and silver wire. These can receive the vibrations and give them back to the water structure in the body.

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