O`Tom tick removal Hook

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Easy, safe and clean tick removal

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The O`Tom® hook (known in America by the registered name `TICK-TWISTER®`) allows you to remove ticks from the skin of both animals and humans. The O`Tom consists of 2 ticks hooks 1 for small ticks and 1 for larger ticks. The O`Tom tick hook allows for painless, fast and complete removal of ticks, and is easier to operate than other tick removers! During the removal of the ticks, no pressure is exerted on the body of the tick, so that bacteria do not enter the skin. The advantages of the O`Tom tick hook are:

  • there is no need to use ether
  • no need to use tick-killing agents
  • the tick is removed in its entirety without leaving the head behind
  • removal is painless – does not compress the abdomen of the tick, which minimizes the risk of infectious diseases (eg pyroplasmosis for dogs and horses, Lyme disease for humans
  • The ticks are completely made of one piece, made of poly-acetal, this material is strong, elastic, ether-resistant and recyclable. The instrument consists of a fork in the shape of an open V-tooth. The gooseneck ends in a curve that is held between thumb and index finger. Thanks to the shape of the handle, the head of the handle is always in the rotary axis of the instrument, regardless of how far the tick protrudes into the V-tooth.
  • The O`Tom hooks were developed and designed by a French veterinarian.
  • the narrow opening makes it possible to remove very small ticks (from 0.3 mm thickness), while the large hook is used for large ticks.

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose the correct hook according to the size of the tick. Approach the tick from the side with the V-opening (the tick’s body is flat) until you feel resistance. Lift the hook slightly and turn counterclockwise (unscrew). The tick will come off by itself after 2 to 3 turns. O`TOM TICK HOOK per 2 pieces.

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