Book Guasha therapy

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Everything about the functioning and origin of guasha – Dorine Erkens – Harris Sleegers


Guasha therapy – everything about the functioning and origin of guasha – Dorine Erkens – Harris Sleegers

The first Dutch book about Guasha Therapy

We don’t want to miss anything in life and the pressure to perform is enormous. Stress plays an increasingly important role. We allow ourselves too little time to relax and pay less attention to a healthy diet. The body takes in much more waste than it can actually process.

The result is a body with an excess of toxic substances. Build-ups that blocks the flow of blood and energy. This has an effect on the body; minor complaints present themselves and sometimes develop into serious, chronic illnesses.
Guasha therapy is an age-old therapy that stimulates the body to repair and strengthen itself. Guasha treatment stimulates the flow of blood and energy and releases blockages. This gives the body’s self-healing capacity ‘a helping hand’. The body becomes smoother and you feel better about yourself.

The book gives a good idea of what guasha therapy is and what it can mean for our body. It also explains why the subcutaneous bruises (sha) are a special feature of these treatments. It is written to give more publicity to the guasha therapy and to explain how it works. This book is not a guide to a guasha therapist or self-help book.

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