Happy cat

What makes these cats so happy?

PUUR Matatabi

With PUUR Matatabi the cat gets distraction and rest, which can be beneficial for cats kept indoors or cats that experience many stressful circumstances (exhibition, shelter, travel, vet, etc.).

Cats that suffer from irritation, frustration and lethargy can benefit from PUUR Matatabi.

Cats that are restless due to fear or stress respond very well to PUUR Matatabi, a chewing stick, originating from Japan, and made from the Silver Vine.

The leaves of this creeper, Actinidia plygama, which occurs mainly in Japan and China, contain substances that are experienced as very attractive by cats. Actinicin and Matatabi lactone are alkaloids with a slight chloroform or alcohol-like effect that influence nerve stimulation in the brain in felines (these substances are in increased concentration in Moktenryo). For this reason especially interesting as a sedative for lions etc. in zoos. In Okinawa, Matatabi has been used to catch wild cats.

It is said that sometimes dogs are also interested. The (calm) cat and the kitten would be less interested. It might have something to do with sexual arousal.
Cats play with the stick, they chew it and when it is largely “used” it is bitten to pieces.

You can also see that the cat starts to roll and rub in places where the stick or remnants of it have been. After playing, the cat is calmer, the pupil narrows and they often sleep for about half an hour. If the bark is removed from the stick, the effect is greater.

PURE Matatabi is available at our practice and via the webshop.

(the video is an external link to the Den Hoek facebook page)

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