Ask me anything August 30th

Ask me anything August 30th Question: “Where can I find the list of holistic therapists and vets?” For this we would like to refer you to Healthcare Academy Den Hoek: , Claudia is happy to help you. Question: “Is it possible to get a nutrition plan that best suits your dog and how will that be researched?” Yes you

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Ask me anything 19 July 2021

Ask me anything 19 July 2021 Question about titer test: What type of brand do you use for tittering. Do you also have the rapid test?” We use the VacciCheck ( ). We have had the Rapid test, but the vets prefer to work with the VacciCheck. Question: “I give Tess harmonics, because of vaccinations for Weil’s disease. How

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Ask me anything 21 June 2021

Question: “I have adopted two dogs from Africa. One is super happy and sweet, the other is very anxious and can’t walk on the leash. We let him get acclimatized first and give him some rest. And sometimes he comes to sniff. She has a lot of support from the other dog. Could I use phytonics Strezz for support? Or

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Ask me anything session May 10th

Question: “Could you give advice on a very topical subject, the Corona vaccination? Is there anything you could do / take to help your body process the inoculation as well as possible? “ ➡️ It is very important to support the immune system, which is of great importance in this day and age anyway. For this we have various resources

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Ask me anything March 22, 2021

Ask me anything March 22, 2021 Question: “Can you support/help a dog with epilepsy?” We can certainly support that, although the result depends on a number of factors such as the age of the dog, the degree and severity of attacks and the further general health.

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Ask me anything 11 January 2021

Ask me anything 11 January 2021 Vandaag gaan we weer vragen beantwoorden die gesteld zijn tijdens: Vragen Vuurtje op Vrijdag Heeft u ook vragen? Om de week op vrijdag kunt u ze stellen bij het bericht van het Vragen Vuurtje op onze Facebook pagina! Question: “I have a neutered male who is 13.5 years old and 6.5 kg. He is

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